Our Vision

Transportation Industry


To be one of the leading transportation organizations in our region. In doing so, our motivated professionals will share in the prosperity and success created by our team’s dedication to our transport service excellence.

Service-Driven Culture

We use our network to help customers manage their goods most efficiently throughout their supply chains. At the top of our value proposition is an intense customer service culture that connects our team in this region. Our people focus on finding new ways to help our customers succeed, while becoming continuously more efficient ourselves.

Customer relationships are the lifeblood of our business. However, we never forget that our company has responsibilities to many other stakeholders as well: investors, employees, carriers, business partners, local communities and
our society. When we say Let’s Move the World Forward, we’re speaking to the interests of all our stakeholders, as well as the East & Central Africa at large.

Who we are

Our Customers Come First.

Technology that Moves Freight Forward

Our technology for shippers, carriers and drivers automates processes, enables visibility and delivers insights to maximize efficiency for every shipment. We’re proud to deliver leading software and solutions. It’s at the heart of what we do, allowing our customers to meet their service commitments.

Technology continues to play a critical role in all of today’s advanced supply chain operations, unlocking efficiencies, driving service innovations and underpinning every leading end-to-end supply chain.

We are invested in your success.

We treat your business like it’s our business.
Superior shipping only takes you so far without premium customer service. That’s why we created a system designed to support you every step of the way. Our people are empowered to listen to your specific needs and to do whatever is necessary to meet those needs.

Our Awards

We’re extremely proud of all our achievements and the awards we have won since becoming a listed company. They are not only a reflection of our team effort to provide a first-class, quality service, but they also represent the collaboration we achieve with our customers.

Our trucks & trailers

Our choices and investments in our trucks and trailers is based on the nature of our project work in applying the best solutions for the type and weight of cargo we carry and terrains that are traversed. Our fleets of trucks are effective workhorses for the projects we do and the range of multi axle trailers in addition to standard trailers that we pull are indicative of the range of cargo that we carry for the projects we undertake. We are the preferred project cargo haulers in the region as a consequence.